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Clients & Projects

Welcome to "Clients and Projects". Here, I showcase the clients and projects I proudly support and represent. Each of these collaborations aligns with my core values and beliefs, focusing on making a positive impact on people, especially children. By promoting these initiatives, I aim to contribute to their success and help them reach a broader audience, ultimately fostering growth and development in various communities. Let's explore some of the inspiring projects and clients I am currently endorsing and actively working in partnership with.

One of the standout projects I am currently endorsing is PURE Learning. As a pioneering force in educational technology, PURE Learning is revolutionising English literacy education with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Their mission is to create an interactive learner-teacher partnership that ensures no learner is left behind, regardless of their Special Educational Needs (SEN) or English as an Additional Language (EAL) requirements.

PURE Learning’s AI-driven platform measures over 250 sub-skills across listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar, providing detailed insights into each student’s strengths and learning gaps. This comprehensive analysis allows educators to tailor their instruction effectively and target interventions where they are most needed.

The platform’s key features include:

  • Listening: Assessing 16+ sub-skills to improve comprehension and response to verbal and non-verbal cues.

  • Speaking: Using advanced speech engine technology to enhance pronunciation, intonation, and conversational skills.

  • Reading: Evaluating 62+ sub-skills to ensure accuracy and understanding across various text types.

  • Writing: Focusing on 31+ sub-skills, including essay writing and summarisation.

  • Grammar: Covering 131+ grammar skills fundamental to English proficiency.


PURE Learning also emphasises deep learning skills, mapping every task to Bloom's/SOLO Taxonomy to highlight the depth of each student’s understanding. This ensures that teachers can see the progression from lower to higher levels of comprehension.

Their easy-to-use virtual learning suite is a high-impact, low-cost solution designed for all stages of primary, secondary, and SEND education. It aligns with the educational objectives set forth by the Ministry for Education (Ofsted) and helps faculties provide targeted support, resulting in improved attainment and a richer learning experience.

By adopting PURE Learning's innovative tools, educators can become effective teacher-coaches, facilitating accelerated skills learning and levelling the playing field for EAL and SEN learners.

For more information on how PURE Learning can transform your teaching and learning experience, visit their website at PURE Learning or select the link below to find more about the project.

Let’s work together to ensure no learner is ever left behind, contact me to find out more