"I will not provide you with the answers, I will enable you to find the answer for yourself"


I bring a wealth of experience spanning various influential roles in education, training, and community engagement. Since July, I have served as the training and learning Manager at Leighton College, a specialist SEN provision, a role I've held since July 2023. In this position, I manage education teams, provide staff training, support curriculum effectiveness, and implement pastoral care programmes. My commitment to fostering positive learning environments is evident in my leadership and innovative programme development.

Prior to this, I worked with Tradewinds/Sanza Teaching Agency as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mentor & Behavioural Specialist between March 2017 to July 2023. I specialised in motivating and supporting challenging students across diverse school settings, training new teaching assistants, and introducing a sports leadership course in collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur.

At the Life Youth Resource Centre (LYRC) from January 2014 to March 2017, I served as Charity Manager, focusing on mentoring troubled teenagers and their families. I recruited and trained community mentors, organised residential retreats, and utilised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to coach and motivate students.

From January 2013 to January 2014, I was the Marketing Director at Educational Financial Solutions, where I led sales and marketing efforts and expanded the brand’s reach through strategic initiatives. My extensive experience also includes my role as Commercial and Corporate Training Director at Eclipse Training and Development, where I lectured internationally on communication skills and emotional intelligence.

In addition to my formal roles, I have initiated and delivered an 8-week sports leadership programme with Spurs, providing young athletes with essential leadership skills and fostering a sense of teamwork and discipline. This programme not only focused on athletic development but also emphasised the importance of mental resilience, strategic thinking, and effective communication, equipping participants with skills that extend beyond the sports field. Furthermore, I managed Haringey Borough FC, where I secured long-term sponsorship deals that ensured the club's financial stability and growth. These sponsorships were critical in funding various club activities, upgrading facilities, and enhancing training programmes. My efforts led to the development of a comprehensive youth academy, which became a cornerstone of the club's success. This academy was designed to nurture young talent, offering them structured training, academic support, and mentorship, thereby providing clear pathways to professional careers.

Over the years, I have built strong relationships with high-profile individuals and organisations. One notable partnership was with Ex: QPR, NEWCASTLE, SPURS & ENGLAND International footballer and latterly QPR sporting Director of QPR FC, Les Ferdinand. Together, we brokered a significant sponsorship deal which was aimed at supporting the local community football academy. This academy, in conjunction with a mentoring programme utilised football as a vehicle to support and guide young men. Through mentorship and coaching, several participants have gone on to become teachers, PE instructors, sports professionals, coaches, and business owners. This collaboration highlights my commitment to fostering personal and professional growth through innovative and impactful initiatives.

My career also features significant contributions as a Project Manager at Peace Alliance, managing pan-London peace events, and as a Sales & Management Trainer at British Gas, where I designed and executed induction programmes. In my earlier roles, I held positions as Sales and Marketing Director at Leatherland/Neki Leather Fashion Retailer, Retail Branch Manager at GO TO Men’s Retail Outlet, Branch Manager at Brooke Street Bureau (Recruitment), and Administrative Officer at the Department of Trade and Industry, promoting British products and services globally.